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plug-in hybrids

Impacte carbone toulouse drivine


Plug-in hybrid vehicles  represent a significant step forward in the field of sustainable mobility.


Thanks to their innovative technology, these vehicles offer the possibility of covering longer distances in all-electric mode. They have larger rechargeable batteries, allowing drivers in Toulouse to enjoy significantly increased electric range.


This translates into a significant reduction in greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, especially during short daily trips or in urban areas.

In addition, thanks to their external charging function, plug-in hybrid vehicles can be plugged into charging stations or household sockets to recharge their batteries. This provides additional flexibility and convenience for owners of these vehicles, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of electrification while having the ability to take longer journeys without the constraints of limited range.


In short, plug-in hybrid vehicles  are an eco-responsible solution that meets mobility needs while minimizing environmental impact

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voiture hybride
Drivine écologique

What is carbon impact

The carbon footprint represents the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by a company in the course of its activities. This includes direct emissions, such as those from the company’s facilities, and indirect emissions, such as those associated with the production of electricity consumed by the company.

For companies, the principle of carbon neutrality primarily involves reducing the source of its GHG emissions to a maximum (by reducing its travel, energy consumption, sourcing green energy…). Then, it must offset all remaining emissions (by carrying out renewable energy development projects, restoring forest cover, distributing energy efficiency equipment…).

In France, companies must carry out their carbon balance. They measure and publish the GHG emissions related to their activities. This is the carbon reporting of companies. This carbon balance represents the first essential step to initiate a policy of control and reduction of the impact of companies on climate change.

Article 173 of the Energy Transition Law for Green Growth requires companies to include in their annual management report the carbon footprint of their activities. As well as that of the products and services they deliver.

In short, the carbon footprint is a key indicator for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.

BMW 530 G30 hybride
Calcul empreinte carbone

Service for professionals

Carbon Footprint Calculation

For professionals exclusively using our chauffeur service in Toulouse, we offer a tailored solution to assess their carbon footprint.

Through a comprehensive analysis of emissions generated by our vehicle fleet, we provide accurate data on the environmental contribution of each journey.

This targeted approach enables companies to transparently quantify their carbon footprint associated with business travel, facilitating actions to optimize energy efficiency and adopt more sustainable practices.

By providing this detailed information, our service contributes to holding companies accountable while helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

Service empreinte carbone
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